The Weird Wacky World of Shifters

All He Wants For Christmas is a Fingerling

An errand leads Tala to the mate fate has chosen for him. Frenchie is nothing like Tala expects or perceives he wants. Can love and the universe make Tala see sense before he ruins any chance of a happy ever after?

Tala has the life he wants. His brother leads the pack and deals with all the pesky details of their joint auto shop, leaving him to tinker with the cars. Life is just the way he likes it.

In the blink of an eye, his entire world turns upside down when he’s forced to enter the twilight zone of weird and wacky shifters. If that wasn’t bad enough, the inconceivable mate leads him down a dirt road to unexpected happiness. Only the road has bumps. Two to be precise, and the big wolf is going to learn just how hard it is to keep his seat with a hormonal mate.

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Alpha’s Fingerling Surprize

Pack Alpha, Olowin, welcomes all shifters to his pack, only it seems his fated mate isn’t quite so understanding. Can pride be overcome to allow the Fates to show what weirdness they can conjure next?

For Olowin, rejection is only the beginning of his problems, mouthy betas and the shifter council nosing around after the discovery of Fingerlings leave him little to no time to worry about Russ. After months of avoidance and some interference from his brother, Olowin gets the apology he’s been waiting for. Everything should now be smooth digging with his little Fingerling.


Claiming Russ is the easy part. The mating ritual is when Olowin’s problems really begin. There is a wayward sprouting potato, a very unexpected pregnancy, and three challenges. Can Olowin keep his balance while he figures it all out?

Alpha Fingerling Surprize is the second book in the Weird and Wacky Shifters world and can be read as a standalone, but what would be the fun in that?

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