The La Trattoria Di Amore Series

Puzzle Pieces: La Trattoria Di Amore (Book 1)

Why was he so drawn to a man when he dated women? A man who kept his true self hidden. A man who wanted to be his Daddy.

Richie Bellinger learnt just how cruel life could be: a family in crisis; he is left alone to deal with the unthinkable. His life in complete turmoil; he is drowning.

Until Sebastian became the one thing he needed.

Sebastian’s need to be a Daddy shows Richie he can choose a different life that makes him complete in ways he’d never imagined.

Sebastian’s ability to push past Richie’s defences has him opening to something he’s never considered, loving a man.

Sebastian showing his flaws gives Richie the power to embrace a new life.

But Richie understands life can come and bite you on the ass when you least expect it. A cheating girlfriend, a death, a discovery, a best friend, and a need to be out for Sebastian all work against Richie. Can he work past all the barriers to find happiness in the most unlikely place?

Puzzle Pieces is the first book in the La Trattoria Di Amore series and can be read as a standalone. It is an MM romance with Daddy Kink, out for you, light BDSM play, an age gap, and a Daddy who needs to understand it’s alright to let go of the past.

This book has a HEA.

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Dominated But Not Subdued: La Trattoria Di Amore (Book 2)

Why does he want to be a “boy” to a man twenty years his senior? A man who is so much more than big and burly. Is he a Daddy or a Dom?

Adam Grainger learnt the hard way that coming from an affluent family does not guarantee love or affection. It makes him doubt anyone could ever love him.

That is until Carl.

Carl showing him the darker pleasures in life leaves Adam revelling in the true meaning of letting go.

Carl standing up for him allows Adam’s need for a “Daddy” to surface.

But too many secrets and a driving force to not submit might prevent Adam from gaining what he never knew he craved: a Dom Daddy.

Dominated but not Subdued is the second book in the La Trattoria Di Amore series and can be read as a standalone. It is M/M romance with Daddy kink, aspects of BDSM play, an age gap, and a Dom Daddy who needs a strong boy to keep him on his toes.

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Made to Submit: La Trattoria Di Amore (Book 3)

Following his heart, Paulo took a path that could only ever lead to submission. With his own unrequited feelings, can Kaden convince Paulo there is someone else to love him?

Paulo follows his heart to England to work with the chef he’s never forgotten, only to find his secret dreams shattered into a million pieces. Lost and hurting, he lashes out, resulting in some tough choices.

Kaden’s focus is creating magic in the kitchen while hiding his desires. He’d already given up on finding a man who would surrender fully to him, but then Paulo transfers from one of the other restaurants. Suddenly the universe presents him with everything he’s dreamed of. Only problem is, Paulo is in love with someone else. Will working in close proximity change that?

Made to Submit (book 3) La Trattoria Di Amore Series, is a standalone, sexy MM romance, where surrendering is everything one man craves and the other needs, giving true meaning of two halves that fit perfectly.

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