The Billionaires Playground Series

Property of a Billionaire (Billionaire’s Playground Book 1)

ith a past that gave Griffin an armoured shield to protect his heart, could a nerdy geek by day and flamboyant model by night find a way to break through the barricade?

Griffin Hudson is a hard-nosed businessman, who has fought his way up from the back streets of Glasgow. He has little time in his busy life for relationships and has never considered tying himself down to anyone, nevermind a man.

That is, until Charlie.

Charlie McGregor is a geek who transforms into a glitzy model. He is a contradiction, a conundrum that Griffin wants, no, needs to understand. The only thing is, Charlie is more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. With Griffin’s jet-set lifestyle, will he be able to pin Charlie down long enough to figure out what it is about the man that makes him want more?

Property of a Billionaire is a standalone MM gay romance, with a nerdy geek and a man who is gay for him.

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Reluctant Billionaire (Billionaire’s Playground Book 2)

Can a party, a rejection, and an interfering Nanna help a reluctant billionaire find love, and the one thing he craves most; acceptance for who he is?

Brett Louden attends his best friend’s engagement party and finds someone to spark his desire. Only, after a night of chemistry and a heated kiss, the much younger man doesn’t respond to his messages so he gives up any hope the man is interested.

That is, until Brett is persuaded to go on holiday with his family.

Guy Finchley is left at a loose end for the holidays until he’s invited to Switzerland at the expense of his friend’s billionaire boyfriend. His life turns upside down after he meets Brett again, and he is no longer able to deny the attraction between them.

Unfortunately, Brett’s father has other ideas about what should happen between them. Will Nanna and Guy be able to show Brett’s father the error of his ways, while mayhem and disaster follow?

Reluctant Billionaire (book two in the Billionaire’s Playground series) is a standalone, MM gay romance, with a younger dominant man who has sass in bucket loads and loves kick-arse heels.

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Billionaire’s Muse (Billionaire’s Playground Book 3)

A body resembling a piece of string, no filter and a waffle to word ratio that causes confusion. None of that seems to matter to Marcus. Will he last the distance when it comes to loving Finlo?

When world renowned photographer, Marcus Crestwell, agrees to do a favour for a friend, he thought it would be a boring photoshoot, but it’s anything but. When he meets Agnes, aka Nanna, and Finlo, the laughter that has been missing from his life returns, thanks to the antics of interfering women, and a man who is fast becoming irresistible every time he opens his mouth.

Finlo Denning’s mind is a lot like spaghetti junction, on a good day. He often finds it hard to stop whatever is in there from spilling right out of his mouth. This means people don’t stick around for long. That is until Nanna and Marcus show up. All Finlo has to do now is survive an interfering Nanna with good intentions, to claim Marcus’s love. What could possibly go wrong?

Billionaire’s Muse (book 3) in Billionaire’s Playground series, is a light-hearted gay-romance with a quirky guy, a hot as hell photographer and a Nanna who always knows best.

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