Scott and Luke – The Proposal – Bonus Scene

Brett was lounging in the seat sat by the darkened window, staring at me over the rim of his glass. “When?”

It was the same damn question he’d been asking everytime we’d met up since I’d bought a ring with him to propose to Scott, my boyfriend. Tonight Scott was at work and Brett and come over to keep my company as I’d the evening off, now I was regretting inviting him… sort of. “Can’t you play another record.”

“No, not when you’ve got your ‘avoiding’ pants on.” Brett was a sassy fuck and the smile he aimed at me showed it.

This was the problem when my friend was a doctor of psychology, he didn’t let me get any with anything. Purposefully I glanced down at my tailored trousers and back at the man grinning knowingly at me. “Sorry, you must have forgotten your glasses tonight.”

“Ha ha. So have you come up with a plan on how to propose?”

I sighed and took a sip of the malt whiskey I’d poured myself when I’d made up a drink for Brett. The smoothness was savoured for a second before I swallowed. “I’ve come up with more than a dozen ideas but nothing seems right. I want it to be perfect.”

“Is there any such thing a perfect? What you need to think about is what makes you both happy.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Brett, you know what makes us happy, me being his Daddy and him being my cheeky boy.” We had no secrets from each other.

He gave an exasperated sigh, one I was familiar with. “Yes, I get that. What I’m saying is, what is the time you are happiest? Is it out in public, at home, in bed? What brings you both happiness that is easy? Scott strikes me as someone who likes simple things. Things that necessarily don’t require big grand gestures. Think about what’s important to you both and stop trying to make it perfect. Whatever you do will be right in the moment, because we both know that boy loves you.”

“It’s mutual.”

Brett’s smile lit his eyes. “I know and I couldn’t be happier for you both. Now stop faffing about and propose to the boy so I can find an outfit suitable for a best man.”

Chuckling, I eyed Brett. “Who said I was going to pick you?”

He snorted, giving me a smug, satisfied look. “Of course you will. Now, think on what I’ve said.”

It was all that I could think about the next day at work. I tried to keep my head focused on the extensive list of things I had to do, but nothing worked. It was such as struggle I’d decided to go for a walk around the hotel.

Half-an-hour later I found myself at the lift that we’d got trapped in at the very beginning of our relationship. Heat suffused my cheeks at what I’d done to get Scott to forget where we were. At the time, his claustrophobia had been a real issue, something I’d not known when the lift had broken down trapping us. Since we’d officially moved in together Scott had had several chats with Brett and some trips to find lifts that weren’t cranky. This had reduced his anxiety levels, to the point he could use a lift and not sweat as long as I was with him.

The doors opened and a couple got out, they nodded at me before walking away. The lift was used more frequently since I’d managed to get the hotel owner Griff to stump up with the renovation costs. The Worthington was old and had some period features that I and thankfully Griff wanted to preserve.

and I started at the mirrored walls, then eyed the floor space where I’d made Scott come. The memory brought with it a flash of arousal, I was used to whenever I thought about Scott. An idea wriggled it’s way forward and a grin spread over my face as it took root.

Back in my office ten minutes later, I went through all of the booked events in the hotel in the coming weeks and checked Scott’s work schedule. A slow smile spread over my face.

“You look like you’re up to no good.” Sarah, my assistant stood in the doorway, I’d not heard her come through.

“That’s because I am.”

She shook her head. “Do I want to know?”

I contemplated for a few seconds, before realising she could help me. “I’m planning on proposing to Scott. I was just checking events and his days off. I’m planning something a little unusual.”

The papers she was holding were deposited on my desk, then she rubbed her hands together. “Tell me more.”

I quickly ran through some of my plans ─ not all of them, she didn’t need to know about the other things I’d need to buy.

“Okay, so we need to make the lift out of action, and get the cameras turned off. Alert the maintain team not to worry and security. I can do that. What day are we planning for?”

“Friday, he’s off and there is nothing on in the hotel that would require guests to use that lift. We can put an out of order sign up on the doors.”

“I’ll sort that out. Anything else you need me to do?” She wagged her shapely eyebrows at me.

“No, I’ve got the rest covered.” I hated the heat that crept up my neck past my shirt collar at her knowing look. She was more than aware of the kind of relationship I had with Scott.

“Then I’ll leave you to your planning.” She got to the door and looked over her shoulder and winked saucily. “Good luck, not that I think you’ll need it.”


The door shut and I glanced heavenward. “Please let him say yes,” I whispered.


The nerves were fluttering madly in my guts and it didn’t help with how much Scott was questioning everything. “Why won’t you tell me why I’ve got dressed up?”

I’d asked him to put on the gift I’d bought him. The lace pants were a deep purple and had a satin lace ribbon tie at the back that could be unlaced. The matching Cami top was in full satin and landed just above the curve of his bottom. It was a struggle to not change my plans when he’d come out of the bathroom wearing the outfit, giving me a flirty smile. “I told you it’s a surprise.”

When the taxi pulled up outside the hotel I managed, Scott’s smile dipped. “You aren’t working are you?”

It was early afternoon so I got why he thought that, but working was the last thing we’d be doing. I shook my head and paid the cabbie, picking up the bag that had some things we were going to need. Sarah had hopefully put everything else I’d bought in the lift, ready for us.

“Then why are we here? It’s too early for dinner and we had lunch at home, you insisted,” he continued sounding a little sulky. He got like this when he wasn’t aware of our plans.

Out of the cab, I tapped the end of his nose before giving him a brief kiss. “What did I say back at the house?” I arched one brow using my stern voice.

He shivered, even though it was warm out and I dropped my gaze to the jeans he wore. The evidence of me using that voice now pressing against his fly. “That I’d get a reward if I stopped asking questions.”

“Have you done that?” Scott loved nothing more than being paddled, and I’d bought a new red oak paddle to try. This one was heavy and would give the sting and the heavy thudding ache that Scott liked. So in reality spanking him was a reward, one I learned pretty quickly with how much pleasure he got from it.

He dark hair flopped around his face as he shook his head. “I’m sorry.” He didn’t sound it and by the gleam in his eye, he was looking forward to being punished.

“Why don’t I believe you? Hey?” I kissed him again on his pouty lips. “Now, lets go in so I can answer your questions.” I nodded to the doorman who stood watching us with interest. Inside the foyer, I glanced about looking for Sarah, she was over by the entrance to the corridor where the lift was. She gave me a thumbs up and darted away before Scott noticed her.

He was busy looking at the people sat about. I tugged on the hand I was holding and led him to where we were headed. The moment of reality finally hitting me now we were here. Shit, was I going to be able to do this? Would someone try and use the lift? Miss the sign and find… oh fuck!

Having a private meltdown I got Scott to the lift doors, he was wearing a frown, looking confused. “Why are we using this lift? You said you’re not working?”

I took a deep breath, glad that there was no one in the corridor and pressed the button to open the lift doors. They opened soundlessly and Scott’s mouth fell open. Inside on the floor was a thick velvet throw in royal blue, tucked in the corner was an ice bucket stand with a bottle of champagne and two flutes. Next to it was a tiny table holding two plates full of fruits and chocolates and a rub bud of bright yellow. Sarah had outdone herself, besides, it being a lift and small, the place looked romantic.

Scott glanced from the lift to me and back, his lips trembling. “What… why… oh my, are you proposing?” he squealed and let go of my hand to launch himself at me.

Laughing, I dropped the bag to catch him. “How did you jump to that conclusion,” I asked through my laughter when he started to pepper kisses over my face.

“I found the ring,” he confessed, looking at my from under his eyelashes, looking abashed. Only the smile was full of devilment and ruined it.

There was no point in sighing, I should have known leaving it in the bedside cabinet next to the bed was a mistake, even if it was on my side of the bed. “You did, did you? Maybe it’s for someone else?”

His giggles were delightful. “Don’t be silly Daddy you love me.” He kissed  my lips softly and murmured, “I tried it on, it fits perfectly.”

This time I did sigh, thought it was put on with how Scott was looking so pleased with himself. “I was planning a romantic moment, you, me, sexy underwear a revisit of our first date and… a new paddle.”

He wriggled out of my arms all flushed and aroused. “Then who am I to stop you Daddy.” He pressed the button to re-open the lift doors that had closed and got in. “Just so we can get to the fun stuff, I say yes.” His head tilted to the side and my heart beat a hard tattoo against my ribs. God, I love him so damn much. “Now, did you say you have a new paddle?”

The laughter rang out in the hallway as I stepped into the lift, where it all began, and looked at my future, the one stood giving me a sassy smile. I dropped the bag on the throw and pulled out the small box that was in my pocket. Taking a breath, I flipped the lid, and took out the ring. “So I don’t need to ask?”

The hand that was offered to me trembled and Scott shook his head. “Do I look like a fool to you?”

I slipped the glittering ring of diamonds on his finger, he was right it did fit perfectly. I met his beautiful with one of my own. “No, you look like mine.”