THE APP (Littles)

Second book in THE APP series

Can trialling The App as a favour give Sawyer what he’s been missing from all of his past relationships: A Daddy that understands what a Little needs?

Sawyer came from hippy parents, who were more interested in the planet than him. Hands off parenting has left Sawyer conflicted about a fundamental part of himself. A part that he has hidden from those closest to him.

Then The App changes everything.

Following an offer from Boyd, a newbie Daddy, Sawyer finds himself contemplating training the man to be his Daddy.  But with the universe out to make Boyd’s life difficult, can the two men work through the relationship hurdles and finish the race together?

The App: Littles, is a gay romance with Daddy kink, an age gap and age play. This is the second book in The App series and can be read as a standalone.

Warning: This book ends on a cliffhanger. Boyd and Sawyer will not get their HEA until the concluding book in The Flamingo Bar Series, later this year. 

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