J Paton

Chozen: Part 1 – (Headspace Series)

When my police colleagues throw me into the pit of hell, where even the fittest die, can I trust a team of security specialists to have my back?

After two years of working for the armed response team, one call to a nightclub throws my world back into chaos. With a menacing force still searching for the secret I’ve hidden, I step into a minefield of my own making by not following a direct order. That decision leads me right back to the past I’m still running from. Only my conscience won’t let me walk away, not when there are new victims suffering a fate worse than death.

Blurring the lines between right and wrong is the only way to keep my secrets safe as I step back into the seedy world of undercover work. There is no other option than to put my trust in the allies I have chosen, and hope I’m not making a fatal mistake.

Chozen (part 1) is a MM crime-drama with multiple twists and turns, where three steps can change everything. Step One, the form. Step two, the chozen. Step three, eternal damnation!
Warning: this book ends on a CLIFFHANGER!

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Chozen: Part 2 – (Headspace Series)

With each shocking discovery, the world I once thought I knew turns to chaos. I know not all will walk away from the ensuing fallout. Will I be one of the casualties of the war between good and evil?

The clock is ticking for the Chozen, and the race is on to navigate the maze of lies and deception. The men I have chosen to have my back, may step up to fight, but in doing so they will put their lives at risk.

A raid on the Dom’s Haven goes horribly wrong. In a rain of bullets, tragedy strikes. On the run with a truck full of terrified men, there’s no turning back. That leaves me with only one choice, to uncover the truth. But will it be enough to save them all? To save myself?

Chozen (part 2) is the conclusion of the MM police thriller with multiple twists and turns, where one man leads a security team, their aim to reverse the steps for the Chozen so they can find their salvation.

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