Deleted Scene: Dominated but not Subdued

“You blind, deaf, dumb or just plain stupid, Paulo has the hots for you man. And a big case of hero worship. The man can hardly keep it together when you let loose one of your lethal weapon smiles on him. He all but melts into a pile of goo. Your announcement about the engagement probably knocked the stars right out of his eyes. And I’m willing to bet, dashed any hopes he might have been holding on too,” Billy shrugged and carried on with julienning the vegetables.

Carl accused, “You’re pulling my leg.”

“Who’s pulling whose leg and why wasn’t I asked to join in the fun,” Adam asked as he breezed into the kitchen holding several files clutched in his arms, heading for Seb’s office.

Carl coughed, not making eye contact with Billy whose head turned toward him revealing a flush of colour on his cheekbones. His eyes, he was sure were demanding Carl didn’t drop him in it. Living dangerously Carl pointed at Billy, “He thinks Paulo is hot to trot for me,” fluttering his eyelashes giving a full watt smile, “but who can blame him right,” he joked.

The “oh shit” coming from Billy was drowned out by his boy.

The files skidded across the stainless steel counter, flung down in temper. His boy stomped towards him, shouting.

“Is that right Daddy? You think it’s fun to rub your fiancés face in the fact, someone you have to work closely with, fancies you.”

The finger pointing at him drilled into his chest with the force of what felt like a drill. He dodged backwards only to find himself trapped by the counter behind him. He held up his hands, “I’m sorry sugar lips, Daddy was only messing.”

Billy’s indrawn breath and Lenny’s sudden stillness as he walked back into the kitchen, was enough to make him curse. Not because he’d used the term Daddy, but for the head of steam his boy was working himself up to.

His own statement about dealing with drama in his kitchen, came back to bite him on the arse. He crowded into his boy, needing to calm the situation down. Lowering his voice, he cupped his heated face. “Daddy is sorry. That was poor judgement on my part and I won’t do it again.”

He waited till his boy relaxed before lowering his mouth and giving him a brief reassuring kiss.

He raised his head when he felt his boy attempt to deepen the kiss. “We’ll have less of that remember Daddy is in charge.”

“And Daddy needs to remember he can dominate, but not subdue his boy.”

With that parting shot, his boy spun round and headed back out into the dining room. Carl breathed a sigh of relief, only to turn and look back at the door his boy had just walked out.

Billy mumbled, “You better hope Paulo left before your boy gets to him.”

Realising Billy was right he darted for the door in time to hear his boy announce to the room.

“If anyone so much as touches or looks at my Daddy sideways, with even the slightest bit of interest. I will not be held responsible for my actions, capische?”

Carl caught Paulo’s face and the Italian work for ‘understand’ a message he had clearly not missed, when he lowered his gaze to the carpet as his boy finished speaking. The term Daddy gave several people confused looks but overall he sensed the remaining staff now got the jist of their relationship. He heaved a sigh, knowing he’d asked for this and it was his own fault for winding his boy up, but he felt awful Paulo had been hit with the fall out.

He walked over to his boy, “Enough. You’ve made your point,” he murmured, “and Daddy will show you exactly how he dominates his boy later. Now go and retrieve your files, while I try and stop Paulo from resigning.” He gave his boy a peck on the lips before he could argue and the pushed him gently towards the door.

Only when he left and staff stopped gawping at him, did he go and speak to Paulo who was still staring at the ground.

“Paulo can I have a word,” Carl glanced about seeing no other choice, “in the private dining room please.”

Not giving him a choice he nudged him into through the open door, shutting it behind him. He lent against it, getting to the point when Paulo still wouldn’t look at him. “Listen, I’m sorry Adam went off like that. I’m sure you figured it was aimed at you. It’s my fault,” he flushed at the chocolate gaze lifted to his, “I didn’t realise that you… err… well… emm fancied me.” Mortified Carl struggled to meet Paulo’s welling eyes.

He stomped to the table and sat on one of the chairs indicating for Paulo to do the same. “I’m not good with this shit at work.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve embarrassed you. It was never my intention.”

Carl sat and listened as Paulo blew his ever loving mind when he carried on talking, “Hang on there, are you saying you’re little P, Massimo’s son? No way,” he laughed, “seriously?”

Paulo nodded.

Carl was up and giving him a massive bear hug. Pulling back his memories of the pimply kid who followed him around hard to marry with this stunningly attractive man stood in front of him. “Well I never. How does your dad feel about you working with me? I bet he had a few choice words for you.”

“Yes he did, none of which I can repeat,” Paulo grinned.

Carl reiterated his earlier apology, I really am sorry about Adam. He shouldn’t have done that and he’ll pay for it later,” he threatened.

“Your Dom, I’m sure will make him pay, or is it Daddy now?”

Shocked, Carl eyes narrowed on Paulo, “How do you know about me being a Dom?”

He shrugged, “I’m not blind, and I may have followed you one night to the little secret club, everyone knew about in the town.”

“Well fuck!” Not sure what to say about that he asked instead, “You’re not gonna leave are you? I would like you to stay. And I hope your… feelings won’t stop that.” The simple truth in his words must have had an effect because Paulo nodded but said nothing more.

Feeling a little awkward he patted his back, before walking back to the door, “Come on, I know it’s your day off but I’m sure I can give you another lesson on how to make my speciality dessert.”

Seeing Paulo’s eyes light up, Carl hoped they would be able to move past his infatuation. “You ever been into a BDSM club? I part own one now if you’re interested.”

His mind already figuring out who would be best to work with a novice at seeing the interest spring to live on Paulo’s face.