Box Set

Mine, Body and Soul: Trilogy (The Playroom)

Mine, Body and Soul is a trilogy in The Playroom series. It is an MM age gap gay romance with aspects of BDSM that free two men from the chains of their past and drive them to finally accept the one thing they both crave from each other: love without boundaries.

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Ferron’s Journey Trilogy (The Playroom)

Damaged: By a life-changing decision
Hidden: Behind the walls, we build to shield our hearts
Revelation: Can change everything if two men can trust in love and all that it offers!

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Manx Cat Guardians Box Set

The creation of Guardian Cats by the King of the Otherworld is supposed to assist soulmates to find true love. But some of these cats think they know better than the fates!

Follow the journey of Max (king of the guardian cats) and Princess ( a miss known-it-all guardian cat) as they interfere in the lives of their charges and find out what happens when things don’t go according to plan!

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Scott & Luke’s Duo: App and Flamingo Duo Book 1

When The App brings two men together, can they find their Always More?

This is the duet of Luke and Scott from book one, The App Series and book one, Flamingo Bar Series, brought together for your guilty reading pleasure.

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Sawyer & Boyd Duo: App and Flamingo Bar Duo Book 2

An overheard conversation, an app, and secret hidden desires, can these be the basis of a relationship?

This is the duet of Boyd and Sawyer from book two,  The App Series and book two, Flamingo bar Series, brought together for your guilty reading pleasure.

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Sam, Jake & Bailey Duo: App and Flamingo Bar Duo Book 3

Unrequited love, an App and a young Dom. Will the Dom have the ability to hold all three men together to make 3 their magic number?

This is the duet of Sam, Bailey and Jake from Book three, The App series, and book three, Flamingo Bar Series. Brought together for your guilty pleasure

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