Books in Progress

In my world of books you will find in the works in progress translations and audio, so check out what’s coming your way.

Jayne Paton

JP Sayle

Alpha’s Divergent Omega… first book (short story) to introduce the series Divergent Omegaverse, due September 2024 (finished and ready for release I’m so excited about you all getting to meet the Starling family) If you like omegaverse with a twist then this series is for you!

Taylin’s Temptation… Book two in the Divergent Omegaverse series is due November 2024 (written and at the proofread stage) This is the first full novel to kick off the brothers’ stories and we start with Taylin 🙂

Booker’s Bliss… Booke three in the Divergent Omegaverse series is due January 2025. I’m halfway through writing this book and having so much fun. The artwork for this book is coming end of July 2024 when I have it I’ll share!

Lethal & Little… The second book in the Little Paws Haven series is coming July 26th 2024, and is written with Layla Dorine. It’s been two years since the first book released and I’m so excited about this. Layla and I have started on book three already, but I can’t say who gets the next book, lol as I don’t want to give away the plot of book two! More coming in the future.

Lisa Oliver and I are back writing together, and we have some fun stuff coming up. Demon’s Obsession, book one in the Obsession’s Series will be out in August 2024. We have finished this and are waiting for the cover to be sorted, then it will be up for pre-order. Book two in this series, we’ve started Controller’s Obsession which we hope will release in October 2024, let’s see how we go!

There is some fun and totally bonkers books coming too with another co-author, so watch this space for the announcement coming in August! If you imagine the crazy of my potato shifters, then think this but more crazy 🙂

J Paton