Book two

Seeing Beyond the Scars

Why did his new neighbour make him want to change and leave his protective shell? A man not frightened to show the world who he was. Would Martin stay or run when faced with Brad’s past and his scars?

Brad Cummings lived a quiet controlled life: the world he created was not through choice but from necessity. A traumatic past left him unable to see past his scars.

Until fate steps in with Martin.

Martin’s need to show him how beautiful he is both inside and out leads Brad to finally understand the true meaning of love.

Martin’s ability to have fun allows Brad to stop existing and start to live for the first time in his life.

Martin shows him that not all families are the same: a family can be more than a blood connection.

But Brad has learnt the hard way, being himself is not always a good thing. A mischievous cat, a prying neighbour, a sexual awakening, and a father intent on harm, turn Brad’s ordered life upside down. Can he trust an instant connection and believe in soulmates?

Seeing Beyond the Scars is the second book in the Manx Cat Guardian Series, these books are not standalones and need to be read in order to gain the background. It is an MM romance, with hurt comfort, steamy instant connection, light aspects of BDSM play, and an ancient paranormal cat that likes to interfere. This book has a HEA.

Trigger Warning: There are aspects of child abuse and some scenes of violence.

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