Book three

Destiny Collides Past and Present

Why did his new housemate make him want to break the promise he made to himself? A man who has learnt to face his own demons. Could Stuart help Joe face his and survive to meet their destiny?

Joe King travels to the Isle of Man to stay with his best friend: in need of a place to mentally and physically recharge. A wrong choice blinds Joe to the possibilities of destiny.

Until fate steps in with Stuart.

Stuart’s need to care for him shows Joe that the right person can heal all wounds.

Stuart’s ability to fight for what he wants gives Joe the courage to take a leap of faith and trust again.

Stuart shows Joe that he will go to any lengths to protect their love.

But Joe has learnt over many months of running there are some things you can’t escape. A mischievous cat, a protective best friend, a shooting, a kidnapping and an ex-boyfriend who won’t let go, turn Joe’s world into chaos. Can he trust in those around him to bring his destiny back to him?

Destiny Collides, Past and Present is the third book in the Manx Cat Guardian Series, these books are not standalones and need to be read in order to gain the background. It is an MM romance, with hurt comfort, soulmate connection, steamy scenes, and ancient paranormal cats that like to interfere. This book has a HEA.

Trigger Warning: There are some scenes of violence.

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