Book six

Laws of Attraction

Why did he have to want the one man he couldn’t have? A man that was honourable to the core. Was it possible to turn years of a love hate relationship into just love?

Nick Riley learnt from a young age there was more than the eye could see and the heart could grieve: the reality of this is suddenly thrust upon him. A visit to his brother leaves him struggling to face what he thought was in the past.

Until fate steps in with Brody.

Brody’s need to make amends for something he didn’t do frees Nick to claim what was rightfully his.

Brody’s ability to listen without judgement breaks through Nick’s protective shell to reveal his tender heart for the first time.

Brody shows him that lace and silk can be the way to a man’s heart.

But Nick had learnt that all may not be as it seems. A spell, a lie, a witch, a king, a boyfriend, and a misconception all work against Nick. Can he find his way through the labyrinth to the truth?

Laws of Attraction is the sixth book in the Manx Cat Guardian Series, these books are not standalones, and need be read in order to gain the background. It is an MM romance, with a love hate relationship, soulmate connection, slow burn, steamy scenes, along with a man who loves silks and satins. There are ancient paranormal cats and a very naughty witch that likes to interfere. This book has an underlying secondary story that is left on a cliff hanger.

This book has a HEA.

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