Book seven

The Teachers Boy

Daddy knows best, but can Ellie trust his own judgement about the man who wants to teach him?

Ellie Morris hopes a new job on the Isle of Man will be enough to leave his troubles behind and start afresh. Yet his past continues to haunt him, and he’s fearful.

But fate is a fickle mistress; or Master in this case.

Everybody knows a teacher should never slap his pupil, right? But a good spanking, administered with love? There’s nothing wrong with that.

And Connor, a teacher in every sense of the word, is just the man to show him. Under his tender and experienced tutelage, Ellie finds the freedom to let go and be himself. Oh yes, a firm hand makes all the difference.

The whole world may know that he loves his Daddy.

The Teacher’s Boy has a slow-burn romance with Daddy kink, spanking, an age gap, steamy scenes, and a guaranteed HEA. And let’s not forget a trio of talking, mischievous cats that meddle to their heart’s delight.

This is the seventh book in the series and has a synopsis that allows the reader to be able to understand the backstory of the other characters. Please be aware the synopsis does contain information which gives spoilers to the other books.

An underlying secondary story, left on a cliff hanger, will continue in a spin-off series called Broken Veils.

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