Book One

Part One of the Trilogy Mine, Body and Soul

Was it possible that there was a man out there who could see past Lenny’s damaged body and soul, and want to claim him as ‘mine’?

Lenny had suffered things that no person should have to endure. With that came health issues that impacted on how he saw himself, leaving him feeling isolated

That was until a chance meeting

The world that Lenny understood is now spinning in a different direction and he’s not sure whether to hold on or let go. Never having had anyone to catch him before, can he trust Nathan?

Mine, Body and Soul is the first part of a three-part story in The Playroom series. This is a slow burn MM gay romance, with an age gap and a sexual awakening into the introduction of the BDSM lifestyle. Will it be everything Lenny didn’t know he needed?

Warning: This book is part of a trilogy and ends with a HFN

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