Book One

Where it all Began

Why did he crave something that would condemn him to a life of purgatory? A man who was born to be king. How could a lowly servant be the one thing he wanted more than his crown?

King Óláfr the Black was a Norseman and was no stranger to suffering: pain was nothing he’d not experienced time and time again at the hands of those who pertained to love him. It hardened his heart to what could be.

Until fate stepped in, in the form of a Guardian Cat, Maximillian.

Maximillian’s need to connect the two soulmates gave Óláfr his first and only taste of love.

Maximillian’s ability to go against the laws of his kind gave Óláfr an unthinkable decision.

Maximillian shows Óláfr that fate will not be messed with, not without consequences.

But Óláfr knows he’s being watched, his people thirsting for blood. A priest, a fire, a blood eagle, and a promise of redemption. Can two souls searching for love find each other again?

Where it all Began (Manx Cat Guardian Origins) the prequel to Manx Cat Guardian Series, these books are not standalones, and this book links directly to Searching for a Soul to Love. They should be read in order to gain the background. It is an MM historical romance, with soulmate connections, slow burn, angst, and an ancient paranormal cat that likes to interfere. This book has a cliffhanger with no HEA until book 4.

Trigger Warning: There are some scenes of violence.

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