Book one

Puzzle Pieces

Why was he so drawn to a man when he dated women? A man who kept his true self hidden. A man who wanted to be his Daddy.

Richie Bellinger learnt just how cruel life could be: a family in crisis; he is left alone to deal with the unthinkable. His life in complete turmoil; he is drowning.

Until Sebastian became the one thing he needed.

Sebastian’s need to be a Daddy shows Richie he can choose a different life that makes him complete in ways he’d never imagined.

Sebastian’s ability to push past Richie’s defences has him opening to something he’s never considered, loving a man.

Sebastian showing his flaws gives Richie the power to embrace a new life.

But Richie understands life can come and bite you on the ass when you least expect it. A cheating girlfriend, a death, a discovery, a best friend, and a need to be out for Sebastian all work against Richie. Can he work past all the barriers to find happiness in the most unlikely place?

Puzzle Pieces is the first book in the La Trattoria Di Amore series and can be read as a standalone. It is an MM romance with Daddy Kink, out for you, light BDSM play, an age gap, and a Daddy who needs to understand it’s alright to let go of the past.

This book has a HEA.

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