Book Four

Searching for a Soul to Love

Why did one touch from a man he didn’t know leave him reeling with a sense of knowing? A man—or was he a warrior?—who carries a heavy responsibility. Could Aaden share the burden with Greg so they could finally right a wrong?

Greg Kelly was stuck in a rut: in a relationship with a man who treated him like a booty call. A realisation with profound consequences left him floundering.

Until fate steps in with Aaden.

Aaden’s need to right the wrongs of the past release him to find a new beginning he never knew he wanted.

Aaden’s ability to see past the peculiar is what his soul has been searching for.

Aaden shows him that truth and honour are what make him a man to keep for eternity.

But Greg learns that even when things are meant to be, fate can interfere. A boyfriend, a kidnapping, a hidden soul and a sexual connection casts Greg into a world of make believe. Can he trust in what Aaden feels for him and allow two lost souls to reunite?

Searching for a Soul to Love is the fourth book in the Manx Cat Guardian Series, these books are not standalones, and this book links directly to Where it all Began. They should be read in order to gain the background. It is an MM romance, with soulmate connections, slow burn, steamy scenes, and ancient paranormal cats that like to interfere. This book has a HEA.

Trigger Warning: There are some scenes of violence.

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