Bonus Chapter: Jamie and Todds First Time

Why was I nervous, it was only Jamie?

That’s why you’re nervous.

I rubbed my sweaty palms down the side of the pants that Jamie had picked out for me for our date night. It made no difference; it didn’t seem to stop making my palms any less sweaty.

“Why do you look like you’re gonna puke? This is supposed to be a night out of fun and frolicking.” Jamie’s smile grew to epic proportions, making the butterflies inside me feel like dragons trying to eat their way out of my chest.

“I’m nervous, Bluebell,” I confessed because this was Jamie, and he was nothing if not understanding.

“Why?” He held out his arms and the floaty organza top he wore swirled about him as if a breeze had caught it. His hip cocked out, drawing my attention to the skinny-fit pants in pale lilac that were finished off with a matching pair of boots in a dark purple. The high heel made my feet wince at the thought of walking for more than two seconds in them. His pretty eyes were adorned with the same shades of color to match his outfit, and his lips were a pale pink. They shone in the light and caused my tongue to migrate to the roof of my mouth where it remained as he stood there, challenging me to do more than look.

We’d been official now for more than a few weeks, but as I lived hundreds of miles away and ran a logging business, I could only squeeze in time during the weekends to make the drive to see him. It was still a little weird to think of Jamie as mine when we’d been friends for decades.

“You’re overthinking it.” He came to me, reaching up to cup my bearded cheeks. His heels gave him the extra height he needed to reach without straining. “I love you, whatever happens later happens. I’ve told you, there is no rush. We’ll go at a pace that works for both of us.”

“Tell that to my cock,” I growled and bent down to claim the lips that had formed an O shape. He moaned deep into my mouth, and it was game over. The years of loving him took hold and transferred all common sense to my cock, which had been feeling neglected for far too long. It hardened painfully fast and took total charge. My hands slid down the soft, floaty top, over Jamie’s stunning backside, and lifted him up.

He giggled as he pressed into my body, his own quivering. “I love it when you go all He-Man on me.”

“If you love that, then how about this?” I lifted him above my head effortlessly, as he weighed less than the wood I heaved about daily. When his groin was near my face, and he was squealing in either fright or excitement, I couldn’t determine which as he sounded the same in both situations, I pressed my mouth to the front of his impossibly tight pants. The cock crushed behind the soft fabric jerked against my face. I wasn’t sure how the pants weren’t causing him some damage right then, and with my hands needed to hold him up in the air, I couldn’t help him out. As an alternative to worrying, I mouthed the clothed cock. His legs moved uncontrollably, and I grunted when his booted foot hit the top of my thigh. The pain was ignored because I was having too much fun listening to Jamie make sexy noises.

There were several whimpers, and something that resembled a shout, before I gave in and lowered him until his flushed face was level with mine. His eyes glittered with desire as he dived forward and claimed my lips. My Jamie was never shy about claiming what he wanted. His slick, lipstick-covered lips meshed against mine and I tasted a hint of strawberry before all that was left was Jamie, his sweetness mixed with a whole lot of sexy.

He wriggled against me, his legs back around my waist, pressing his cock hard against mine. “We’re not going out.”

“We’re not?” I asked, more than pleased at the prospect that I wasn’t going to have to be tortured all night before I got Jamie naked and on a flat surface.

“You did this on purpose,” he complained, even as his whole body vibrated with need.

“I’ll plead the fifth on that, Bluebell,” I gasped as he did this sexy thing with his teeth, nibbling his way along my bearded jaw to the side of my neck.

“Claim it all you want, but while you’re doing that, make sure you get those tree-trunk legs of yours going in the direction of bedroom, unless you want the action to start on my couch?”

“That thing isn’t big enough for me, never mind both of us.”

He lifted his lips off me to give me the sexiest smile. “Then move, big boy.”

I was moving because how could I refuse. The bed was big with delicate-looking pillows scattered all over the top of it. The covers were a pale lemon color and way too feminine for my tastes, though perfect for Jamie. I carefully lowered him to the mattress and stared at his beautiful, flushed face. “God, how did I get so lucky?”

“Right back at you.” His gaze travelled over the dark shirt and pants, that he’d had fun picking for me when he’d taken me shopping. “I love you in plaid, but if you ever tell anyone I said that, I’ll deny it.” He gave a little shudder. “However, dressed up, fuck, you’re so hot that I could combust.”

I laughed, doing my best to keep control of the heat of embarrassment at the gushing Jamie was doing. I was used to it, but not directed at me. He reached up and pulled my head down until our lips were mere inches apart. “Get naked and show me what you’ve been hiding behind all those manly clothes.”

The spit dried in my mouth as he released me, then made a shooing motion with his hands before he lay back on the bed. His gaze never wavered as I did as he asked. My hands trembled as I started to unbutton my shirt. He knew I was hairy; thing was, I wasn’t sure if he realised just how hairy. He’d talked about waxing and had once taken me to a salon. Would the hair be too much? There was no way in a month of Sundays I was ever going to let someone do that to me. You would if Jamie hates the hair.

I swallowed the sigh and closed out the voice that wasn’t letting me fool myself. As I peeled off my shirt, I held my breath and met Jamie’s stare. The air refused to play ball and come out of my lungs as Jamie trembled on the bed, his legs squeezed together as his hands took hold of the cover beneath him. “Look at all those muscles.” He licked at his lips as his gaze drifted down my chest, and I sucked my stomach in. “They’re drool-worthy. Lifting huge chunks of wood really gives you a workout. Shit, I’d be tempted to try if it would give me abs like yours.”

I looked down and tried to figure out what Jamie could see that I couldn’t. My stomach looked the same as it always did, hairy.

“You don’t see how amazing your body is…even with all that hair. Which, by the way, looks like a pelt of soft silk I can’t wait to rub against.” His eyes hooded as one hand went to the front of his pants and stroked the top of the stretched fabric.

“Fuck, Bluebell. Please stop that or I’m gonna come before I get inside that tight ass of yours.”

His eyes sparked with devilment. “Will you spank me again if I don’t stop?” His hand never stopped the slow movement.

“Shit, you’re a little monster. Please, Bluebell, I want to come inside you, not in my pants.” There was desperation in my voice, and I was sure Jamie could hear it, but that didn’t stop him from caressing his cock.

I groaned and shut my eyes as I unfastened the belt on my pants. It was only when I wobbled as I shoved them down that I realized I needed to see. The second they opened and met the eyes of unrepentant man on the bed, I started to shake. There was such want deep in his eyes that I couldn’t figure out how I was going to survive and give him everything he deserved.

There was a strained chuckle as Jamie stopped teasing me and himself. The boots were removed without ceremony, and, for a moment, I was disappointed he wouldn’t be wearing them while I made love to him. That was forgotten when he shimmied out of his pants, way easier that I’d expected from something that looked like a second skin, and I had a “holy fuck” moment. Panties. He was wearing panties.

Hyperventilating, I forgot all about undressing as I stared at the delicate panties that barely covered his straining erection. “Bluebell, holy mother, those…” I couldn’t think, hell, I couldn’t catch my breath while he tempted me with his lacy underwear.

A mischievous grin got me to focus on stepping out of my shoes and pants, socks, and lastly my underwear. Nerves danced about inside me to play with the dragons that were still trying to escape as I stepped to the bed.

Jamie shook his head. “Do a twirl.”

A wave a heat filled my face as my eyes narrowed. “What? You gotta be kidding me.”

“Nope, twirl around. Come on, show me everything.” His eyes pleaded with me, and I was done for.

He knew damn well I couldn’t resist that look. I groaned in defeat and kicked my clothes out of the way to be able to move in a circle. I went slow because I wasn’t going to be forced to do it again. It was weird, and making me more than a little uncomfortable, but it was for Jamie, so I kept silent.

There were several weird choking sounds coming from the bed by the time I faced him again. Jamie, minus his pants, was sitting up with his hand gripping the base of his cock through the lacy, lilac-colored panties.

His face looked pained while I struggled to figure out if the noises were good or bad. With his hand touching himself, my gaze was drawn down. The sheer fabric left little to the imagination and snapped what little control I had left. I was on the bed and reaching for Jamie before he could utter a single word of protest. “I need to touch you, taste you, please? I can’t wait any longer.”

His fingers ran up my arms, then took hold on my shoulders. “That, all of that. I want you so much; I can’t think past the need to feel your hands on me.”

Taking him at his word, I lifted off the floaty top and dropped it on the floor, ignoring his little sniff of distress. Jamie and clothes had a close, intimate relationship that I didn’t get. I traced my trembling fingers over the little camisole he revealed in the same matching color as the panties. His nipples pebbled as I caressed his chest, gently exploring his soft curves.

His lips parted and his breath brushed against my skin as I continued to touch him, gaining several moans, groans, and long sighs. He kept still for the most part, sitting in the middle of his big bed, looking so fucking sexy it was hard not to eat him in one greedy big bite.

Savour him, he deserves that. I kept the thought at the forefront of my mind as I gently lowered him back to the bed and lay at the side of him, continuing to stroke my hands over his body and the sheer fabrics covering him. The damp patch at the front of his panties grew as time went on, and I took my time kissing the exposed pale, silky skin. I let the knowledge sink in that he was mine to treasure.

Only when he started to moan and shiver continually, did I ask, “Where’s the lube, Bluebell?”

His eyes slitted open and his hand disappeared under one of the numerous pillows, reappearing with a bottle of lube. We’d both been tested and had agreed our first time would be without any barrier between us. Drops of precum dripped onto the bed next to me as my cock throbbed with what was about to happen. I swallowed to wet my mouth, then still found it hard to speak with Jamie looking all kinds of needy as his eyes begged me to hurry up as he pushed the lube bottle at me.

“How do you want to do this?”

“Really, you’re asking me that now, when I’m struggling to think straight because you’ve got me so worked up.”

“Erm, sorry.” My lips twitched, but I held the laughter in at how affronted he looked.

To distract us both, I opened the bottle and poured a liberal amount of liquid into my hand before discarding it. I slid down the bed and eyed Jamie’s soaking-wet panties. I leant in and nuzzled my nose into the wet fabric, inhaling his rich, musky scent. Licking a path up the hard cock beneath to the top of the band of the elastic, I met Jamie’s heavy-lidded eyes and clamped the band between my teeth and tugged. Taking the hint, his hips lifted, and I pulled them down, continuing to hold his gaze. His cock slapped at his belly as it was freed. His chest heaved as his ass returned to the bed and he lifted his legs to help me.

Teasing us both, I used every bit of patience I had and took my time removing the flimsy piece of fabric. The second his legs were free, they parted to reveal all the pale, hairless skin that left me breathless with the need to touch and see if it felt as silky as it looked.

“So beautiful,” I whispered as I came back up the bed to do exactly what I wanted: touch. Using the lube, I stroked my hand over his shaft and down to his smooth sac, letting the excess liquid drip over him. Following the path of the lube, I trailed fingers down his taint to his clenching pink hole. The silky soft skin felt unreal, and I sucked in a shaky breath as his legs spread wider.

His teeth caught the edge of his lower lip as he mewled when I slid a finger over his pucker, circling the ring of muscle until it gleamed from the lube. The air caught in my throat as I slowly eased the tip of my finger inside him. The feeling was incredible as his muscles quivered around my digit. He rocked his body forward.

Giving him what he wanted, I eased out, collecting more lube to push in deeper. His eyelids fluttered closed as his lips parted on a sound that went straight to my cock. He looked so damn sexy, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t embarrass myself and come the second I slipped inside him. I slowly moved my finger in and out of his body, letting the noises he made be my guide. Seeking out his prostate, with the need to make him to come apart for me, I was rewarded seconds later.

He jerked, his chest coming up off the bed as he cried out, “Right there.”

Needing to give Jamie what he begged for, my own desire to rush faded into the background. He was my world, the center of everything as he had been since I first laid eyes on him. He would always be my first thought, and hopefully, my last.

I added a second finger into the mix as I sucked the head of his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue over the leaking slit, wanting to taste him. I groaned and rocked my hips into the mattress beneath me. I was no longer sure who the sounds were coming from as I gave Jamie everything I had to offer.

When his hand flew to the base of his cock, knocking my mouth away, I jerked up, my heart thumping loudly in my ears. “What is it? What did I do wrong?”

His chest heaved as he gave me a pained look. “Everything is wrong, can’t you see I was about to come?”

I rasped past my dry throat, “Yes, and…?” the accusation leaving me confused.

“You promised me your cock, I’m not coming until it’s in my ass. I’ve waited years for this. You’re not going to ruin it for me now.”

There was my Jamie, and fuck if I didn’t want the same. I moved, then caged him in, our cocks bumping together as I claimed his mouth in a kiss that I hoped expressed how much I loved him and what this moment meant to me.

Understanding we were both near the end of our limits, I lowered my hand and took hold of his cock firmly as I nudged mine under his balls. The feel of smooth skin caressing me was too much. I cursed and grunted while releasing his cock to grab mine so I could ring the base. Chest heaving, I lowered my forehead to his.

“Struggling, big boy?” The laughter that followed helped a little to ease the urge to come.

“You know I am. You’re a fucking temptation from the gods themselves,” I ground out through my aching jaw. The happy sigh he made did little to help the situation. Gripping the base of my cock a little harder, it was only when the ache helped ease the throbbing need, that I breathed a little easier.

With a small semblance of control, I pushed the slick head of my cock against Jamie after rubbing what was left of the lube over my shaft. He thighs widened further, and I took that as a sign to ease in, inch by tortuous inch. His channel clenched and released, causing me to pant in desperation at holding onto the urge to rut like a wild animal. Sweat gathered in the center of my back while hair stuck to my forehead by the time I was seated inside him.

His dazed expression and repeated licking at his plump, lipstick-smeared lips left me grinning. “Need you to move, have fucking mercy, and fuck me,” he implored.

I wasn’t small, and I didn’t want to hurt him. Although my cock had other ideas it would seem and wasn’t listening to reason that Jamie would need more time to adjust. My cock might have got its way, but I went slow and eased out, meeting Jamie’s shimmering eyes. The depth of feeling was there for me to see, and my heart beat for him and no one else in the moment. “I love you,” I gasped and pushed in deep.

Sensations took hold of my restraint, and Jamie did the rest by clinging onto me and repeatedly saying, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

The mantra was met with hard thrusts as I kept his gaze and let him see how my heart belonged to him, now and forever. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him, and if that meant giving him what he wanted, then who was I to argue with him?