Assassins to Order


Ajani is a shifter without a conscience. Stolen as a child, hidden from the world, trained to kill without remorse. It’s all he knows. He works without question until someone targets the only bright light from Ajani’s dark past—Marvin.

Ajani had always known there was something tugging at his soul, or that special someone, but he doesn’t want to bring Marvin into his dark world. But then when had Ajani ever got what he wanted? The Fates chose Marvin for Ajani, and he’ll need all the skills he’s learned to keep his mate safe.

Marvin, previously known as AX4395, is finally happy in his life with the Thalassa’s and all the gorgeous children, but he will never forget the lost boys—those youngsters he used to visit regularly, the boys who grew up in cages. The scientists’ experiments he’d endured during his own time in captivity turned him into a hairy outcast and a legend—Bigfoot. Thanks to his skills, Marvin escapes the fate befallen so many, but he still remembers every boy, and the others he’d met along the way. When fate brings him face to face once more with the one special boy, he remembers above all others, Marvin knows his life will change forever.

But finding his fated mate exposes Marvin to a fearful foe—one who knows Marvin and Ajani, and all the other lost boys. Now it’s up to Marvin and Ajani to pool their skills and work together to prevent the unthinkable. Because if something were to happen to Marvin, then who would remember the lost boys and save Ajani’s soul?

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Has Fate taken science and shown it who’s boss, when everything about Nico and Teilo is not what it seems?

Ben was happy looking out for the wider shifter population in his role as acting council lead. Then one particularly complex case involving the assassin program unfolds, making him question what he’s doing. When Ben comes across a photo, it sends him on a race home to Paraguay to fight for the shifter’s ultimate gift—his mates.

When the scientists leave Teilo and the others to rot in their cages—disappearing without a word—Teilo is ready to give up. Every waking minute of his life he dreams of freedom, a life he wants to share with Nico. Teilo doesn’t understand their connection, he just knows he can trust it soul deep.

Nico knows nothing else but life in a cage and his skills to bestow death on those the Devil wants dead. The only person who keeps him from going feral is his cage brother, Teilo. The man scientists use to get Nico to comply with their demands. Kept in their animal forms, with no food or water, they both know the end is coming for them. That is, until a strange cat visits their basement…

Finding each other is just the beginning. Teilo and Nico have to heal, and Ben has a responsibility to the council. Can the three men untangle the binds that hold them and find the answers before someone else has to suffer the same fate? Ben is a gritty MMM Paranormal Romance story. The book includes scenes of graphic violence and intimacies between three men (none of which are blood related). We intend it for adults only—please store your e-content responsibly and enjoy.

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