Alpha’s Divergent Omega – First Chapter


Derick dropped the suitcases he was carrying to open the door and instantly forgot them as his wolf strained within him, eager to reach their mate. He knew he was in trouble the minute he stepped inside the house and could feel there were no others present. He kicked the door shut behind him, the soles of his shoes clicking on the marble as he marched through the downstairs of their mansion, searching. His nose twitched madly at the scent of his husband, Lane. 

Mother fucker. 

Why hadn’t he called me? 

Forty years together and still Lane’s scent could bring Derick to his knees with his desire. He cupped his achingly hard cock, working on readjusting, hoping to ease some of the pain with how his body responded to his mate’s heat. 

His breath caught in his chest when he reached the top of the stairs. The scent was so strong, his hands trembled as he ripped his expensive cashmere suit jacket off and dropped it carelessly to the floor like a rag. His shirt came next, tossed aside, revealing a wide expanse of muscled chest covered with silver fur and tattoos. 

He tripped as he attempted to kick off his loafers, stopping only long enough to remove the rest of his clothes. Naked, his desire hot and potent, it charged his blood with fire as he hurried toward their bedroom. 

One step inside the room and a groan tore from his throat. His wolf surged, wanting his mate. In all their time together, the sight of Lane naked and needy never failed to drive his heart to beat faster or it to swell with possessive pride that this man was his.

“What delayed you?” Lane gasped, looking over his shoulder. Heavy lidded, lust filled eyes begged for what he wanted. For what Derick could give him. His golden skin had a faint sheen of sweat covering it. It revealed the heat hadn’t been on him long, yet slender hips rocked back and forth, drawing Derick’s attention to the monster dildo crammed in his husband’s glistening ass. 

The soft glowing lights above the bed haloed Lane and gave Derick a live porn show that enhanced his desire. A wicked light formed in his eyes at how Lane’s ass flexed and clasped the dildo replica of Derick’s dick. 

Lane’s groan matched Derick’s as he strode to the enormous, beautifully carved bed Lane had found in a junk stop and had to have. “Looks like you got this party started without me?” His concern was easily detectable and drew a frown from Lane.

“Don’t do the guilt trip,” he snapped feverishly, his whole body quivering as the one arm he used to support himself wobbled. “You… and me… know it’s impossible to predict my heats,” he said through several moans and whimpers as he rode the dildo.

Inhaling made Derick’s cock throb, his own desire producing the desperate to impale himself inside his husband along with the dildo. One knee on the bed, Derick’s head was full of the last time Lane had gone into heat. The episodes weren’t as frequent as they’d aged, but they were no less powerful to them both when they struck. It was this unpredictability that his husband suffered that caused guilt when Derick was away traveling. Lane had to endure it alone, and yeah, the guilt was fucking kicking his ass.

“Came on fast,” Lane panted, working the thickly veined dildo into his slick ass. It squelched obscenely and caused Derick’s thighs to tense to hold back the knot wanting to form before he’d gotten inside Lane. Again, age was a fucking bummer. 

“Didn’t have time to call you. Please stop fucking staring at my ass and give me what I want,” Lane growled at him. An alpha was supposed to be in charge, but how much Derick’s wolf and dick were on onboard with the demand made a mockery of that theory. 

His little omega was the boss and had been from the moment Derick had seen him waltzing towards him, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Looks were deceptive, thankfully. He gently knocked Lane’s hand away and reached for the dildo, slipping it free. He tossed it carelessly onto the bed, his gaze not shifting from the hole that remained slightly open, tempting him to taste. 

Derick lowered his mouth, wanting the tangy flavor on his tongue. He’d become addicted to it decades ago. His nose trailed down the crease of Lane’s ass, inhaling the full richness of his essence. A moan rumbled up Derick’s chest and his hand reached between his thighs to grip the base of his cock, squeezing painfully hard. He used Lane’s slick to coat his fingers, and rubbed it around the relaxed rim in circles, feeling it clench against the pads of his fingertips. 

“Fuck, don’t tease me, give me what I need, Derick.” His words were barely audible around his heavy breathing.

Derick shoved his tongue deep, and the ass clenched tightly, sending fluttering sensations straight to Derick’s leaking cock. He widened and lengthened his wiggling appendage deeper in Lane’s ass, knowing how much he loved it. Especially when he repeatedly stroked it over his prostate, as he was doing now. 

Lane whined, wriggled, and increased the speed his hips rammed back into Derick’s face, like he was trying to impale himself on Derick’s head. 

“Need more… I’m burning alive… my body wants you… fuck me!” 

A sledgehammer of need came barreling through Derick and blinded him to everything. The power left him as desperate as Lane. Sweat dripped down the sides of his face as he pulled back. Every breath came with his mate’s musky scent and drove his wolf to growl in approval. His fangs dropped as he easily flipped Lane over onto his back, needing to see his expression when he pushed inside him. Feel his ass stretch and accept his knot.  

Disheveled, silverish, blond-streaked hair stuck to Lane’s dewy skin. Lust filled the aqua blue eyes and encouraged Derick to rut. It was impossible to resist, despite Derick’s need to treasure Lane the way he wanted to.

“Later… later… you can go slower. I need my alpha,” Lane begged in a sexy drawl that caused Derick’s balls to throb in time with his erratic heartbeat. It was always the same, he was so in sync with Derick’s thoughts. Needs. 

Derick crowded over Lane, pinning him to the soft mattress, pushing into the sheath of wet, tight heat, making them both groan. Slim thighs hugged Derick’s hips, urging him deeper into the convulsing channel. Their breathing matched as Derick thrust deep, his hands slipping under Lane’s ass and squeezing as hard as the muscles crushing his cock.

There was no need for words. This was a dance they’d done for many years. It was full of love and passion that never lessened. They rocked madly together while their gazes never wavered from each other. Derick drank their joint desire as it coated the air, making him forget everything other than his little omega. 

“I love you,” he rasped as his knot expanded and bubbling, fiery bursts of cum filled Lane.