The Future and What it Holds

Hey All,

It’s been a while since i posted on my website and with everything I’ve been up to it feels like I spend my life in a spin.

So things to know. I attended Shimmer an M/M book signing event in Feb and it as brilliant and the others and readers were super friendly, (I gave out lots of hugs). I have a few events no planned for this year. The first is Book Babes in Stoke, which is May 4th (Saturday) and I’m really excited about that. Then I’ll be in Dublin for Dublin or Bust on the 19th of October. So if you like hugs, free swag and talking books then I’m your gal.

In terms of books I have just released book 6 in the Manx Cat Guardian Series, and i have started the 7th book. However, this book is slightly different for me as its a daddy kink. And because of that, one of the side characters started chatting and it seems he wants his own book, so i started another book. Yep, I’m trying to write two at once, I’ve never done this before so we’ll see how it goes. The non Manx Cat book, well that is also a daddy kink and it seems wants to be a series also. The first book is called Puzzle Pieces and when I hit 50k words I will do the cover reveal!!

If you want to keep updated then join me in my Manx Minx’s group on FaceBook to see my little videos and updates every Monday.

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