Let me introduce myself, my name is Jayne, I’m a lady of a certain age (50 in 2019, bites fingernails). I am an identical twin, the younger one of course by 7 minutes. I am married to a wonderfully complicated man, or as he puts it, off his rocker Rob. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year. I have one daughter and two grandbabies one boy and one girl.

I was born in the Isle of Man; this makes me Manx (not British or English). I moved to the UK for several years and as a child, I lived in Italy for a while. But, the island calls to me. I love the sea and now it’s only a stone’s throw from my home in the little village of Kirk Michael.

I have worked in the caring profession for 34 years and have been a hospital nurse manager, out of hours, for the past couple of years. I made the decision to work part time nights in 2016 so that I could pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

I have always believed that I could and would write a book, but life just seemed to get in the way. One day someone asked me the question, “What do you want Jayne?” The answer was easy, writer. The hard part was making it happen. Well, it did and it has, and it is life-changing for me.

Over the later year I have released 5 books, yep you heard right, 5. That might sound like a lot, but I’ll let you into a little secret I wrote the first two in 2017. The process to get to editing was long-winded and a little painful but I got there in Feb of this year. And subsequently, I have written and published three more books. 

You may well ask how I choose to write M/M gay romance with a paranormal twist, the answer is easy. I researched about writing, and though some of it was helpful the part about writing about what you know, well let’s just say that was a disaster. I went to a creative writing hub, and the wonderful facilitator gave me a great piece of advice. You want to know what it was?? Well, I’ll tell you, she said: “put your pen to paper and write because it doesn’t matter what you write.” She unleashed my beast with those words and the rest is history. my imagination took that as a great signal and off it went at full speed.

Now I have a series. The books are about the Manx Cat Guardians, using my local island’s history, which is steeped in folklore. I have used some of the local histories, particularly in Where it all Began: Manx Cat Guardians Origins. 

This book explains the origins of the cat’s but also hints as to where the next new series will stem not that I’m telling 😉 (witches, kings and the otherworld).


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